About Us

Thank you for visiting my pictorial magazine. I am Alicia, the creative behind this Alicia Blog. Colours and visuals inspire me, which I share via snapshots of my life, beauty routine and style picks. Being behind the camera keeps me relaxed and helps me express how I like to see the world with positivity and grace. Hope my photos brighten your day and keep you smiling!I have always been passionate about beauty – makeup, skincare, hair care, which led me to start as a hair & beauty writer. I put everything that I had learnt to use contributing to the beauty section and doing the makeup for editorial shoots, while also writing feature stories.

Working as beauty editor and makeup artist for the last 10 years has given me an all access pass to some of the best skincare experts, celebrity makeup artists, hair stylists and cosmetics and skincare creators. Together they helped create an in-depth understanding of colour cosmetics, hair and skin care and how you can make them work best for you.

This Alicia Blog combine my passions for beauty and writing and pass on the trade secrets that I have learned over the last decade. You will find reviews for a variety of products, curations for your makeup kits, master classes on how to make the latest trends work for you and tips to look your best.