Highlights, babylights, balayage, or even ombre: Which coloring technique is right for you?

Balayage, Ombre, and Sombre - Oh My!Which coloring technique is ideal for you?

So you are Considering bleach your own hair, We got you, woman! With so many diverse forms of coloring choices, it’s easy to feel confused and overwhelmed, especially in the event that you’ve never dyed your hair before. As you should think about your foundation hair colour and skin tone when deciding on a colour, you need to factor in your character and desirable aesthetic when choosing a hair colour Singapore technique.


Read on to get the scoop about the 4 Popular methods: hair highlights, daylights, balayage, and ombré, which means that you can go into your next coloring appointment having a clearer image of your preferred appearance.


Catch-all word to describe any sort of selective hair thinning (instead of a complete head of colour ), it generally refers to the procedure for using bleach to add lightness and measurement to regions of the locks. The most typical way of highlighting the hair employed in lotions is foil highlighting, whereby your colorist uses a brush to apply lightener, utilizing foils to different the emphasized strands out of the foundation colour. Though you are able to customize the amount of highlights, in which they’re focused, and just how light you choose to go, blonde highlights (unlike other kinds of bleach ) go from root to tip, meaning that the strands of hair are lightened out of the scalp directly to the endings.

Together with providing the hair measurement, Highlights create the hair look fuller so they’re generally suggested for individuals with fine and thin hair. They are also ideal for men and women that are managing grey hair since they make new development less noticeable.


From an aesthetic perspective, if the 90’s Pop celebrity vibe is for you personally, or in the event that you like a uniform, lightened appearance, highlights are for you personally. Just remember that because they length from root to tip, you will have to see the salon more frequently (normally every two months) to maintain the colour and stop your roots from revealing. In case you’ve got a lighter base color, or when the colour of your highlights is not too different from the normal hair, you could have the ability to go longer before booking a consultation with your colorist.



Adapt the identical method to make a more natural outcome. Such as the title suggests, babylights are supposed to mimic the type of dimensional colour found on children’s hair. Ever have a look at a kid’s adorable little flyaways at sunlight, or see how their infant hairs are ever so slightly milder than the rest of their hair? Well, that is exactly what this coloring technique is about. Believe it or not, lots of women are proven to bring their child in the coloring appointment so that they could communicate with their own colorist exactly what they desire.

Effect and do not want your colour to look as though it was made from the salon, babylights are really worth contemplating. On top of that, because the procedure utilizes sections of hair which are considerably smaller than is normally utilized for highlights, and because the outcome is indeed natural, it’s possible to definitely extend the time between appointments, ideal if you are a low maintenance gal. Essentially, if you are to the no-makeup-makeup appearance, babylights would be the hair equal.





“balayage” translates into”sweeping” with regard to the long, sweeping strokes used to employ lightener into the hair. Colorists will personalize the positioning of these lightened strands, typically adding additional lightness round the face and enhance your attributes. Contrary to highlights, which uses foil, balayage is a free-hand strategy as opposed to a patterned colour positioning to get a result that appears less uniform and more ordinary.

Even though balayage can operate for only about Anybody, it is especially ideal if your appearance is somewhat more Bohemian and effortless. On top of that, because balayage is intended to seem grown outside, you do not need to think about going to the salon every two weeks to get a touchup. In reality, you can prolong the time between appointments to up of 6 weeks. Therefore, if you are a low maintenance gal that wants to seem as if you just got back from holiday yearlong, balayage Singapore is the very best buddy.




Hair a likewise grown-out appearance but with less of a desirable effect. Ombré hair is darker at the roots into the mid-lengths of their hair and lightest out of mid-length into the endings. Even though a similar painted technique can be utilized as with balayage, with ombré, the dark and light strands are not as interspersed nd that the demarcation is much more apparent.

If you enjoy the look of balayage but desire Something with a bit more advantage, ombré is a fantastic bet and likewise low upkeep. Whereas the balayage procedure is traditionally intended to mimic the look of sun-lightened hair, ombré may be forced to seem more dramatic. Additionally, it requires less time to mature out because the majority of the colour is focused into the floor, so it is ideal if you generally change your mind frequently; you can just reduce your own hair instead of re-dye your whole head.


So what is it going to be for you personally? Let us know In the remarks under which coloring technique do you prefer!