What’s the Difference Between Partial and Full Highlights?

You need highlights hair to add excitement to your hair but are not certain if you would like semi or complete highlights? What is the distinction between full and partial highlights anyhow? We describe how to find each to look and the best way to select which one could possibly be the ideal match for you (hint: the answer could be both!) . Accompanied by 10 photographs of every style, you will have the ability to distinguish the difference very quickly. Take a look!

Which Exactly Are Partial Highlights?

Partial highlights are such girls you see that have some colour positioned round the face to get a brightening or framing result. Your stylist can call them a”half head of highlights” They will most likely have most of the normal colour peeking through from the trunk and around the nape of their neck.

The way your colorist makes it happen: With foils and colour of your own choice, partial highlights are put either at the mohawk part of your hair, the upper half of your own hair or the upper half and front sides of your hair. Because highlights are just touching a portion of your tresses, your stylist can advocate”lightening the foundation” so you could take your highlights a couple of shades lighter than your natural colour.

Benefits of partial highlights:

  • Less possible damage since it bleaches fewer strands of hair.
  • They’re more reasonably priced than obtaining complete highlights done.
  • They may be put where you wish to make it resemble sunlight naturally lightened front parts of the hair.


Disadvantages of partial highlights:

  • You can’t see the majority of the colour if you wear your hair up (like in a ponytail).
  • You cannot go”complete blonde” or alter color dramatically with just partial highlights since you’ll always have natural colour on at least half of your head of hair.
  • Let us take a peek at how tight highlights may add a bit of natural-looking colour to your hair with different tactics and a selection of colors.

#1: Golden Beachy Waves

Adding a few semi blond highlights to waves provides it a whole lot of dimension, as revealed here. All these beachy waves are emphasized only in the top coating and evenly around, leaving darkness in the origin and beneath. It is the ideal mix with a lengthy bob.

Long Bob With Beige Steaks
Instagram / @HAIRBYNOORA


#2: Front-Framing Pieces

Dimensional partial highlights may be as lively as you need them to be. Adding face-framing pieces decorate the complexion and also include intrigue without actually modifying your general hair colour. This beachy brunette is low-key fashionable.

Long Waves With Ash Grey Pieces


#3: Soft and Subtle Brown Hair Colour

Sometimes only a couple of bits of colour one shade lighter than your normal tone can spice up things. This glossy and soft hairstyle includes partial highlights which glance through in the ends. If you would like something subtle, then show this image for your hairstylist!

Blunt Lob With Mocha Hihglights


#4: Playful and Cool Color

The partial highlights displayed here framework her face and are sprinkled across the upper layer of her own hair. In case you’ve got short hair, it is possible to easily lighten the foundation and include partial highlights to get an all-over hair modification. It is that simple.

Dirty Blonde Shag With Silver Ribbons
Instagram / @A_KOOL


#5: Vintage and Elegant
Adding bronze and hot blond colours to brown hair actually brightens up it. Get the look with foiled highlights from top to bottom with a great deal of colour added throughout. Leave the bottom half brunette to get a natural appearance and effortless maintenance.

Golden Blonde Higs For Long Thick Hair
Instagram / @DEEDEEFAYE


#6: Straight and Bronzed

Brightening up brunettes with bronze and honey colours is a traditional move that is not going anywhere anytime soon. It is natural and soft but still provide that”only got my hair done” look. Partial transparency highlights seem best on hair such as shown here.

Straight Brown Hair And Caramel Highlights


#7: Cool-Toned Balayage

Take your hair colorist utilize a balayage Singapore technique to provide you partial shade that slowly becomes thicker toward the endings. This gives a”lived-in” appearance that’s super simple to keep. Using a little toner and lively layers, you get a cool-toned layered lob ideal anytime of year.

Asymmetrical Lob With Blonde Streaks


#8: Nature Tones with Curls
This hairstyle includes partial highlights which struck the mid-shaft of their hair, where the vast majority of the curls are. This provides the entire look a lot of glow and light-reflection. We love it to the organic summer time summer vibes.

Thick Chocolate Brown Hair With Highlights
Instagram / @JENNKHAIR


#9: Partial Red Balayage

Accent highlights may also be used to add brilliant colour to your hair. Employing hand-painting or partial transparency highlights for dim hair, you may add a pop of color that’s both interesting and fashionable. Use this technique to test new colours without damaging too much hair.

Black Lob With Auburn Peek A Boo Streaks


#10: Subtle Blonde Highlights

This textured long bob is filled with soul. With a lot of motion, relaxed waves and blond coloured highlight peaking through, it is a winner. The blond reflects light inside every wave and provides dimension.

Brunette Shag With Tiny Blonde Accents
Instagram / @HAIRBYNOORA


Which Are Full Highlights?

Total highlights are highlights that wrap around and may be referred to by your colorist as”a complete head of highlights” It can be that woman you see using the epic balayage from brunette to blonde or woman with multi-dimensions along with a selection of bronzy-gold colors throughout her hair.

The way your colorist makes it happen: highlighting your hair around, in the front, the sides, the trunk as well as the nape of their neck. Complete highlights may radically change your hair colour based on in the event that you use foils, balayage procedure, or a combination of partial and full highlights.

Benefits of Full highlights:

  • You may go from dark to light without bleaching all your hair completely.
  • It may look as natural or as striking as you’d like, depending on how heavy given you ask your stylist to become.

Disadvantages of Full highlights:

  • It’s more costly than receiving partial highlights.
  • It may damage your hair in case you get complete highlights quite frequently.

Let us take a peek at how complete highlights turn out once done just perfect.

#1: Brunette-Blonde Beauty

This alluring combination of blonde and brunette provides us “bronde.” It’s readily achievable in a couple of sessions of complete highlights (based on the depth of your hair). Maintaining the tone trendy provides it with the beige appearance. We adore this soft blonde extended bob.

Blunt Blonde Balayage Lob


#2: Icy Blonde All Over

Employing baby lights (quite thin highlights) throughout your tresses, you can attain this icy blonde appearance. The extended length and female curls provide the blond hair a lot of life. Adding a”origin” into the colour adds a lived-in vibe which equates to fewer touch-ups.

Platinum Hair With All Over Highlights


#3: Multi-Dimensional Highlights

When full highlights are done correctly, from top to base, the result is breathtaking. Fantastic for glossy, straight hair and perfect for older girls who want a traditional appearance, we advise that you give this design a go. Avoid streaky highlights by obtaining dimensional hair exactly such as this.

Light Brown Hair With Layers And Highlights


#4: Total Color Blend
Have fun with these complete highlights! You may use them to include many colours to your beautiful locks or, such as this fiery red and blond appearance, use it to get an enjoyable color mix. Prove your colorist some pictures that motivate you and liven up your own locks.

Auburn Waves With Color Melt
Instagram / @AAASHLEEE


#5: Chunky Blonde and Red

The first highlight — a small bit chunky. If you want to have that straight-out-of-the-salon appearance, request chunky foiled highlights within an arrange of colours. It’s possible to completely transform your appearance with a complete head of highlights.

Medium Multi Colored Hair


#6: Auburn Red Warmth

This hair technique isn’t only for adding blonde and caramel colour! Make way for crimson warmth. Use complete highlights to go warmer although with no reddish hair from root to suggestions. In this manner, the appearance is a lot softer and easier to handle.

Auburn Layers And Burnt Orange Streaks


#7: Vintage All-Over Blonde

Perhaps you have always wished to go blond ? Now is the time! Without bleaching all your hair, you can opt for a few of rounds of highlights to slowly reach the degree of blonde you have been dreaming about. Keep the color all over to get a newly blonde hairstyle.

Ash Blonde Curls With Foil Highlights


#8: Brunette to Blonde

This appearance has brilliant tones and ideal bouncy curls, what’s not to adore? Maintaining the highlights fewer and further between toward the origin gives it a balayage-vibe. The curls start right where the highlights begin to thicken, ideal on people who have long hair.

Long Brown Curls With Blonde Balayage

#9: Icy Blonde Hair

The hair colour technique made freezing blonde achievable with this attractiveness. All-over colour is recommended for colour such as this so there isn’t much remaining natural colour and the trendy blond except rooty peices and about the neck.

Arctic White Layered Hair

Instagram / @HAIR. BY.KMV


#10: All Over with Layers
Lean highlights around may soften blondes and brunettes equally in the event that you have the color just perfect. The soft bouncy layers are all tasteful and make the hair seem healthy and light. It is highlights without even trying too hard!

Flipped Layers And All Over Lightening
Instagram / @IZZANHAIR


Lots of men and women go in with complete blonde highlights to secure more saturated colour and simply have touch-ups performed with semi highlights because the re-growth is much more evident in the very best roots rather than so much beneath and from beneath. You can switch between the two as you see fit. Nonetheless, it’s important that you understand which one you wish to start with this you can allow your hair stylist understand when booking the appointment. Complete or partial…The decision is yours.